The Undertaker

The Undertaker (RRB Films/DC Releasing)

Period crime noir thriller starring Paul McGann and Tara Fitzgerald. A mild-mannered funeral director is at a moral crossroads, caught up in a power-grab by a local gangster, pressured into burying victims off-the-record. Filmed entirely at The Bottle Yard Studios.

Blending classic 1940s American film noir with the sharp edges of 1960s British crime movies and a touch of 1920s German expressionism, The Undertaker built meticulously crafted sets to achieve its stylised world. The production also provided access to students from Boomsatsuma Film School who gained work experience in the production office, art and camera departments.


  • Format: Film

  • Genre: Thriller

  • Year of release: 2023

  • Production company: Susceptor Films (distributed by RRB Films, DC Releasing)

  • Writer: Michael Wright

  • Director: Michael Wright

  • Producer: Roger Barclay