Malory Towers (Series 5)

Malory Towers series 5 (image courtesy King Bert/BBC)

Much-loved adaptation of the Enid Blyton’s classic starring Ella Wright, April V. Woods and friends. Filming for 20 x 25-minute episodes took place in Summer 2023.

The series five shoot marked the first time the popular children’s drama had based production at a UK studio (past series interiors had filmed at a Canadian facility). Eleven sets were built for boarding school settings including dormitory, classrooms and common areas. Basing in Bristol gave the team convenient access to regular Devon and Cornwall locations including Hartland Abbey nr Bideford, used for the school’s exterior.


  • Format: TV

  • Genre: Children’s

  • Released: 2024

  • Channel: CBBC / BYuTV

  • Production company: King Bert Productions/Wild Brain

  • Writers: Rachel Flowerday, Sasha Hails

  • Directors: Bruce McDonald, Jack Jameson, Sunnie Sidhu

  • Producer: David Collier