Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures (CBeebies)

  • Channel: CBeebies
  • Production Company: BBC Natural History Unit
  • Genre: Children’s TV
  • Producer: Adam Oldroyd

Third series of the popular CBeebies show produced by the Bristol-based Natural History Unit. Filmed in summer 2015, utilising 10,000 sq ft of studio space in Tank House 2 to make 25 episodes using cutting-edge digital CGI technology.

The team used our purpose built green screen facility measuring 80ft x 40ft x 27ft and our first stage to have LED mains lighting, to create a thrilling journey through prehistoric time.

Make-up, costume and dressing room facilities were used and the Studios’ on-site lighting contractor 180° Rental provided low energy lighting. Other sustainable working practices included using recycled set from our on-site scenery salvage company Dres’d, cutting paper usage, eliminating single-use disposable food/drink containers, using tap water rather than bottled, encouraging car sharing, and video conferencing to avoid travelling to CBeebies headquarters in Salford.

Albert+, the carbon calculator specifically for TV production, measured carbon emissions as one third the average of other BBC programmes filmed in a studio with VT inserts.