With 300,000 sq. ft. of available space, The Bottle Yard Studios is the largest production facility in the West of England. The site previously operated for more than 50 years as a former winery and bottling plant.

At a time when space for film and television production in the UK is at a premium, The Bottle Yard Studios has brought this empty warehouse back to life, offering a unique and flexible space for productions of all sizes and budgets.

Currently in its 5th operating year, The Bottle Yard Studios has far exceeded expectations and is officially ‘on the map’ of fully fledged studios, attracting film and television production out of the Capital as well internationally.

The Bottle Yard Studios is a partnership initiative supported by Bristol City Council.

The site will further strengthen Bristol’s growing reputation as a leading film making hub outside of London, whilst stimulating the local industry, and creating employment and economic benefit.