Andy’s Aquatic Adventures

  • Channel: CBeebies

  • Production Company: BBC NHU

  • Genre: Children’s TV

  • Director: Adam Oldroyd

  • Producer: Mark Jones

Latest instalment in the popular children’s series starring CBeebies presenter Andy Day, Puja Panchkoty and Adam Astill. Produced by the BBC Natural History Unit, using the latest digital CGI with footage from the BBC archive.

Andy takes to his all new Sub-aqua mobile to explore an awe-inspiring aquatic world, discovering dolphins, sharks and fascinating fish from all corners of the globe, as well as the largest marine animal on the planet – the magnificent Blue Whale.

The 30 x 14 min series filmed between March-May 2019 in The Bottle Yard’s M3 studio on the giant green screen measuring 80 x 40 x 27 ft.  The ten week shoot also used locations in the region, including Portishead Lido and The Eden Project in Cornwall.

Andy’s Aquatic Adventures is a continuation of the highly popular strand which began in 2010 and comprises Andy’s Wild Adventures, the BAFTA-nominated Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures, Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures and Broadcast Award-winning Andy’s Safari Adventures.