Dino Club

Dino Club (Sky Kids)

Fast-paced, live action kids’ show aimed at children aged 4+, produced by Bristol independent production company True To Nature.

Dino Club gives viewers the chance to discover the strangest and most surprising truths about dinosaurs, as they journey through a fantastically fun virtual land of these pre-historic giants. The show’s young intrepid hosts, Ayo and Harriet, time travel into the past to reveal facts along the way and have an amazing adventure.

Filming for the 20 x 7 series took place on The Bottle Yard’s green screen in 2022 over a 11 week period.


  • Format: TV

  • Genre: Children’s

  • Released: 2023

  • Channel: Sky Kids

  • Production company: True To Nature

  • Director: Adam Oldroyd

  • Producer: Adam Oldroyd