Project Description

Andy’s Safari Adventures (CBeebies)

  • Channel: CBeebies
  • Production Company: BBC NHU
  • Genre: Children’s TV
  • Writer: Katie Simmons
  • Director: Adam Oldroyd
  • Producer: Mark Jones

Starring popular children’s presenter Andy Day and produced by the BBC’s world-renowned Natural History Unit, Andy’s Safari Adventures is made using the latest digital CGI and green screen technology with footage from the BBC’s archive.

Filming of 20 x 14 min episodes took place from March-May 2017 in M3 studio using the giant purpose-built green screen measuring 80ft x 40ft m x 27ft. The production team returned to M3 a year later to shoot a further 20 episodes between February and June 2018.

A co-commission from CBeebies in the UK and BBC Worldwide for the international CBeebies channels, Andy’s Safari Adventures is a continuation of the highly popular strand comprising Andy’s Wild Adventures, Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures and the BAFTA-nominated Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures which filmed at The Bottle Yard Studios in 2015.

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