The Makery

The Makery (Sky Kids)

A ‘make-and-do’ series presented by Nim Odedra. The Makery is no ordinary building, it’s full of quirky craft, amazing art, bonkers bakes, and inspiring ideas. It even talks!

The surreal space is peppered with comedic, mechanical, and animated elements that bring it to life, inspiring children aged 3-8 to explore their imagination and creativity. 25 x 15-minute episodes were filmed between August – October 2021 within a purpose-built ‘funhouse’ style set. Series animation was provided by award-winning Bristol company, A Productions.


  • Format: TV

  • Genre: Children’s TV

  • Released: 2022

  • Channel: Sky Kids

  • Production company: Terrific Television

  • Director: Paul Harris

  • Producer: Richard Hunt