Past Productions

Dino Club (Sky Kids)


Dino Club (Sky Kids) Channel: Sky Kids Production Company: True To Nature Genre: Children's TV Director: Adam Oldroyd Producer: Adam Oldroyd Fast-paced, live action kids’ show commissioned by Sky to launch its brand new 24 hour ad-free Sky Kids linear channel which went live [...]

The Beaker Girls (CBBC)


The Beaker Girls (CBBC) Channel: CBBC Production Company: BBC Children's Productions Genre: Children's TV Writers: Emma Reeves (series 1 & 2); Candis Negaard, Pal Gerstenberger. Theo Toksvig-Stewart (series 2) Directors: John McKay (series 1); Suri Krishnamma, Meg Campbell (series 2) Producer: John McKay (series 1), Ray McBride [...]

Dodger (CBBC)


Dodger (CBBC) Channel: CBBC Production Company: Universal International Studios Genre: Drama Writers: Rhys Thomas, Lucy Montgomery Director: Rhys Thomas Producer: Marcus Collier Family comedy drama series following the antics of Dickens' character [...]

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