Deadly Dinosaurs, a new and ambitious natural history series for CBBC and BBC Worldwide fronted by award-winning natural history presenter Steve Backshall, is the latest production to shoot at The Bottle Yard Studios.

Filming wraps at the Studios today on the brand new High Definition series, which comprises ten 30 minute episodes and sees Steve searching for the deadliest dinosaurs in history. Deadly Dinosaurs has been filming in The Bottle Yard’s giant green screen studio for 4 weeks, using space for set builds and coordinating from the Studio’s production offices. A top-secret ‘Dino-Den’ has been created by the team, full of fascinating props and even the occasional animal visitor!

Series Producer Dan Tapster says: “Filming at The Bottle Yard has been a really good experience – the studio itself is a great space but given all the other facilities on site from lighting rigs to camera hire, it made the whole operation remarkably efficient.”

Fiona Francombe, Site Director of The Bottle Yard Studios says: “It’s fantastic to have hosted the latest ambitious BBC natural history series for children here at The Bottle Yard, commissioned right here in Bristol and made by a hugely talented production team. We’re also delighted to have had the brilliant Steve Backshall here for the first time. Our green screen studio, first used in 2015 by CBeebies’ Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures, is one of the largest of its kind in the country and the perfect place for this type of ground-breaking programme-making.”

Using cutting-edge CGI, the latest filming techniques and the stunning BBC archive, Deadly Dinosaurs will bring the world’s top Triassic terrors back to life as Steve examines their biology in eye-catching detail in his explorer’s ‘Dino-Den’, graphically honing in on the best bits, from double-edged teeth to tails that can move so fast they break the sound barrier. and puts their prowess to the test. In a series of epic and explosive experiments, Steve will find out first hand exactly what made the dinosaurs tick and whether their fearsome reputation will really let them make the Deadly List.

Taking the action out of the lab, Steve will perform a series of epic stunts and brutal physical challenges to get a sense of the scale and raw power that dinosaurs had. Using the latest modern technology, Steve will become a dinosaur crash test dummy – donning wing suits and night vision goggles to experience first-hand elements of dino design – on land, in the air and even under the sea! Thanks to a series of huge engineering rigs constructed at the Studios, he’ll recreate the power of an Ankylosaurs tail and the head butt of a Pachycephalosaurus. He’ll put dinosaurs to the test like never before – thanks to Spitfires, tanks, helicopters and monster trucks.

Deadly Dinosaurs will be hitting BBC screens sometime after April 2018.