Production Space

With eight stages of studio space, a large back lot and sufficient parking, The Bottle Yard offers a variety of options for set builds, workshops, storage, production offices, private roadways and locations. This former winery and bottling plant has been transformed into a new home for UK film and television production in the West of England, providing facilities to attract major UK and overseas productions of all sizes.

Our production spaces are available for hire at competitive rates. With a range of levels of adaptability, accessibility, power, water, scope and size, we have a space to suit every project. We can also provide a range of production office spaces.

Detailed information regarding each production space, including sizes, technical specifications and examples of projects filmed in each space are included in this section. Explore using the top level navigation (above) or filter the spaces by floor space and ceiling height using the links below. Alternatively you can download our Production Space PDF for summary information and spaceplans for all our production stages.

Production Spaces Available