Award-winning pre and post-production house Films@59 have been a member of our creative hub of businesses since 2019, when they opened their Bottle Yard branch providing camera, sound and lighting equipment rental to productions based at the Studios, as well as client storage for kit during shoots.

We caught up with the team to find out more about the innovative new Lens Testing room they have recently installed at their Bottle Yard premises.

Film and Television has always pursued the relationship between technology and creativity. At Films at 59 we pride ourselves on trying to stay ahead of this pursuit, which is why we have recently installed a new Lens Testing room at our Bottle Yard location.

The pairing of the collimator with the lens projector is perfect for showcasing lenses whilst making sure they are behaving as a precision tool.

The collimator allows us to confirm that the optics within each lens is accurately aligned to the lens’ measurements. This enables a focus puller to trust the distance marks around the lens match up to the focal plane in shot.

Our lens testing projector reveals the individual attributes and characteristics of the lens without the influence of a camera sensor. This is the first step in choosing the correct lenses for the job before pairing them up with the desired look and feel of a particular camera.

Both work in accordance of each other to enable the lenses are performing at their optimal level ready for a camera shoot.

For more information contact Films at 59 on 0117 906 4300.