Series two of CBeebies hit show Andy’s Global Adventures is now available on CBeebies, after filming at The Bottle Yard Studios last year.

Fronted by children’s TV presenter Andy Day and produced by the world renowned BBC Studios Natural History Unit, Andy’s Global Adventures is the latest instalment in the BAFTA-nominated Andy’s Adventures series, made using the latest digital CGI and green screen technology with footage from the BBC’s archive.

The second series comprises 15 x 15 min episodes that were once again filmed in The Bottle Yard’s 5,000 sq ft green screen studio in Spring 2023.

Andy, Jen (Puja Panchkoty) and their teammate Scout, a flying robot, return for another series of epic adventures, travelling the world in their eco-friendly, hi-tech expedition truck, The Explorer, solving nature’s mysteries and discovering incredible animal behaviour across all seven continents of our planet. Only when the mission is accomplished and our intrepid team upload their findings to HQ can they head off into a magic portal – the gateway to their next adventure…

Andy's Global Adventures series 2 episode 7 'Andy and the Pallas's Cats' (image: BBC)

Andy’s Global Adventures series 2 episode 7 ‘Andy and the Pallas’s Cats’ (image: BBC)

The new series features Humboldt Penguins, Hippos, Pallas’s Cats, Mountain Gorillas, Kamchatka Brown Bears and more!

Andy’s Global Adventures is a continuation of the strand which comprises Andy’s Wild Adventures, Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures, Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures, Broadcast award-winning Andy’s Safari Adventures and RTS West of England award-winning Andy’s Aquatic Adventures. Andy’s Global Adventures is a BBC Studios Natural History Unit production for CBeebies and BBC Studios Kids and Family.

Watch Andy’s Global Adventures on weekdays at 4pm on CBeebies – or catch up on BBC iPlayer.