Project Description

MRU Services supplies experienced health care professionals (who are on their relevant professional register) to support TV and film production companies. The primary support is with Registered Nurses in Unit Nurse Role; their remit is to support the cast and crew in a proactive manner to maintain the health of all, with the intent to keep the crew functioning within their role, therefore supporting the smooth running of the production. We also support the artistes in the same way and we have a track record of supporting artistes through injuries keeping them at work and avoiding ‘down time’ through unexpected lack of cast.

We have worked closely with stunt co-ordinators and animal handlers and can meet the needs required to cover stunt activities. Should further cover be required, MRU Services can supply a fully equipped ambulance with appropriate staff, including registered paramedics.

  • Jim Gardiner (Emergency Nurse)
  • 07912 755752
  • MRU Services
    The Bottle Yard Studios
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